What is the story of the Kikoi?

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Kikoi | 1 comment

You wear the kikois, you love the kikois, you have seen them all over the world but you might still  wonder where do the kikois come from…? Firstly let’s talk about the origins of the kikoi. The kikoi is a traditional piece of woven fabric from the East African Coast. It’s extremely popular in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar and represent the blends and liveliness of the Swahili culture. It was originally used by Arab merchants as a sarong and became one of the most famous African fabric. The kikoi is traditionally of rectangular shape, made from pure cotton with hand rolled fringes and woven with specific designs. The original kikoi designs have a main plain colour and stripy sides. The patterns are very specific. The modern designs also include a range of stripy kikois. Nowadays the kikoi has become very popular amongst men, women and children in various African country and worldwide. It is very common to see kikois on the beaches all around the world as it has become a fashionable fabric representing a traveller lifestyle and the idea of freedom. You might now wonder what are the most common uses for a kikoi…? Well the kikoi actually has plenty ways of being used… Today, the kikoi is used as a beachwear, a scarf, a head wrap, a towel, a curtain, a tablecloth, a baby carrier etc. It is so versatile the possibilities are endless as you can use the kikois everyday and for everything! Kikois just make great gifts as they are so versatile. The genuine kikois like the ones distributed by Mzansi Gift in South Africa are pieces of pure cotton fabric and are produced in Kenya. The Kenyan kikois we offer are the most authentic kikois and are the highest quality kikois you can find on the market. Kikoi is often spelled Kikoy with a ‘Y’ but the original name is kikoi spelled with a ‘i’.  You will see that we are mostly using this spelling just to be fair to a product we love and respect. If you are interested in purchasing kikois, please follow the link below and you’ll have access to our beautiful retail catalogue of genuine Kenyan kikois. We also supply companies and conference organisers for corporate gifts, tour operators and travel agents for travel kits, lodges for safari gifts and tourist shops for African souvenirs. Please contact us on info@mzansigift.com for all your queries. We are based in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa and supply nationwide.