Shweshwe Face Mask

Our quality shweshwe face masks are not only looking great, they also offer the best comfort and the best protection with 3 layers of cotton fabric. A great reason to hurry up to purchase your fashionable cloth mask now!

We took the greatest care to manufacture our range of South African masks. We followed recommendations from various Institutions such as Health organisations, the South African Government and the Western Cape Government to design our masks.

They are not medical masks but they offer a great protection for yourself and for others around you against the spread of the coronavirus. Masks will become compulsory in South Africa from the 1st of May when we move to Level 4 of the Lockdown regulations.

When using a mask you still need to follow strict hygiene measures as announced by the authorities and continue social distancing.

Our masks come in 4 sizes for adults and children: Adult L, Adult M, Kid 3-6 and Kid 7-12 for the best fit, the best comfort and the best protection.

Our masks are locally manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa. As our workshop was closed and our teams at home due to the lockdown, we thought that launching a new product that is gonna be needed to flatten the curve and the spread of the virus would be a great idea! Our workshop team is still working from home with strict hygiene measure to ensure everyone is safe!

By purchasing our lovely shweshwe cloth mask, you not only support our local business but you also support a South African manufacturer of textile. And your support is highly appreciated by all of us!

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